Massage. Crushing hugs. Joint compressions. Brushing. All those things are great for your kids. The proprioceptive (deep pressure)  input calms them down and helps them get through the day. There’s one glaring problem though; you’ve got to find a way to make time for them in a day that’s already packed to bursting.

Here are some ways you can incorporate deep pressure work into your child’s daily routine:

Waking Up

Jump and crash into the mattress. Repeat.

Put weights in the drawers. Your kid will have to pull harder to open them, giving some great pressure through the upper body.

Bear or crab walk to the bathroom or breakfast table.

Morning Bathroom Routine

Squeeze the toothpaste tube or shake the mouthwash bottle (lids on tight) while brushing.

Use a power face washer. Sure they’re for wrinkle prevention, but they feel cool to kids too.

Sit on a yoga ball while brushing teeth.

Meal time

Put some chewy/crunchy foods on the plate. Gummies, raw fruits and vegetables, granola.

Slurp thick drinks like smoothies through straws.

Tie Theraband (stretchy exercise band) around chair legs for kicking legs against.


Park further from the store ask your child to “help” carry your heavy bag for part of the walk, or hop halfway to the door.

Hand heavy items to you or put them in the cart (or carry some lighter items in their own basket).

Help fill the belt with all the purchases.

Carry one bag to the car.

Car ride

Hold a heavier stuffed animal or doll while riding.

Kick a duct taped pillow or bean bag (fastened to the seat in front of your child).


Bathe in a full tub.

Wash with hand towels instead of washcloths. They are bigger and heavier when wet.

Wrap in two towels to dry.

Pretend your child is play-doh when rubbing on lotion or put on a “space suit” (insert child-favorite pretend outfit) when putting on lotion and give deep pressure in slow steady movements.

Use a homemade quilt (or two) or a specially made weighted blanket.

Hold a stack of heavier story books in lap while reading.

You’ll probably come up with your own ways for pressure work to easily fit into your day. By providing calming activities in regular intervals it will help to keep everyone more relaxed.