I am the proud mom of two lovely little girls. Lovely and exhausting. I have been momming for a few years now and let me just tell you it doesn’t get any easier. People will lie to your face when you are a new mom and tell you that the easier days are coming. Don’t be a sucker cause they aren’t. Being a mom doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it, and then the difficult things morph and guess what? You suck again.
Despite the perpetual suckfest, being a mom is a splendid mix of rewardingly daunting and triumphantly perplexing moments that will undoubtedly leave you forever changed. Even if your body actually returns to its pre-baby state, your mind and heart will never return, nor would you want them to. As a mom I love this wonderful collection of experiences that continue to remind me that my perspective has been altered, forever for the better.


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